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Our Roots

Electrofix Group is driven by its mission to provide value to clients. Utilizing only top-notch products, our team of hand-picked field specialists has been providing a sterling service to the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors for decades. Innovation, excellence, attention to detail and exceeding expectations are in our DNA. It is the reason why projects entrusted to us have short payback terms and stand the test of time.

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Our Journey

Electrofix was born just over two decades ago, originally installing electrical and plumbing systems in homes. Faster than expected, our company's reputation for delivering first-class services went viral. It soon reached local commercial and industrial communities in search of solid and reliable electrical and engineering partners in large and sensitive projects.

2007 was a watershed year for the Electrofix Group. With all the experience, know-how and instinctive cost-effectiveness under our belt, we ventured into the renewable energy industry, particularly solar water heating and solar panel installations. With our high-quality products in both domestic and commercial jobs, our market reputation and trust made yet another quality leap forward.

In July 2014 we turned the Medserv Solar Farm switch on for the first time. In just three months we had installed 8,000 panels, producing a daily average of 9,600 kWh. To date it remains the largest installation ever carried out in Malta, powering around 800 households.

Pushing the envelope further, the company soon identified yet another gap in the market – fuel station development and refurbishment. Once again, our track record proved to be a perfect fit for success in this sector.

The Group also partnered with water treatment experts and global suppliers to provide a service to domestic, commercial, and industrial entities.

Today, Electrofix Group is ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 certified, employs over 90 talented and dedicated staff committed to its vision and passionate about delivering innovative solutions. We invest in ongoing training, keeping staff abreast of the latest technological developments and cutting-edge solutions.

Our Values


Creating & maintaining the right work environment for talent to be cultivated in a spirit of collaboration, trust, and inclusion


Developing relationships of trust and loyalty with the aim of growing together


Maximising steady return to shareholders as well as being respectful to all stakeholders


Increasing the use of renewable energy, locally and globally


Executing processes to achieve effectiveness & efficiency as per our quality policy

Our ISO Certification

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