Mechanical & ELectrical

This industry needs a contractor who offers complete building services. Electrofix is a company that helps you implement your ideas without having to coordinate with other M&E contractors - generators, electrical switch gears, and building services installations. We understand the importance of a project and what the client wishes to achieve. Our team designs, manages, supervises, and installs both Electrical and Mechanical systems.

Electrofix provides the full service to execute a project, we understand the importance to deliver quotes, install systems as per building standards, give a quality finish, and stick to handover dates.

Electrical installation

We have been entrusted by clients to build electrical switchgear and distribute electricity in both domestic & commercial prmises - conventional & automated lighting systems, emergency lighting, power connections, containment routes, uninterrupted supplies configuration systems (UPS), extra-low voltage systems, alarm systems, fire detection, and lightning protection.

Our installation inspectors check and test every step of the way. After the project is commissioned, certification in full accordance with the IET Regulations (BS7671:2018) is put in place.

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Mechanical Installations

We gained experience throughout our projects, in fact, we provide a variety of mechanical installations to complete the projects from all systems. Mechanical installations include plumbing systems, air-conditioning, heating and cooling system, underfloor heating & cooling, compressed air, gas installation & ventilation.

We work with passion and pay attention to detail to deliver optimal results which are the trademark of Electrofix.


Over the years we have broadened the range of our service, to supply you with a more comprehensive project management. For instance, we have become the main supplier of 'Standby Generators.'


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