H2 480 – Standalone Ultra Fast Charger

The Hellonext H2 480 is an ultra-fast standalone solution with up to four cables of 300A Boost or 500A (Liquid Cooling), delivering an output of 120kW per cable or 400kW in a single cable. It presents a highly competitive offer, especially when considering the price per cable.

General Specification

• Up to 480kW

• Simultaneous charging (up to 4 cables) and dynamic load balancing between connectors

• 7” inch and 21.5” inch touch screen with user friendly interface

• Cable management system

• Payment terminal (optional)

• Multi-standard: CCS, CHAdeMO and GB/T

• Support Ethernet Wi-Fi and 3G/4G

• RFID card reader authentication

• Firmware updates through remote connection

• 500A per output with air colling + boost (or liquid cooling)

• IK10, IP55

H2 480 Data Sheet


Data Sheet