Indoor Heat Pumps

Are you looking for an environmentally responsible heating system? If you opt for a heat pump as your heating system, you won’t have to rely on fossil fuels. This means you will reduce your carbon footprint, to the benefit of the environment.

Heat pumps convert the energy stored in the air, water, or beneath the ground into heating energy. And that’s not all! Combined with a DHW cylinder, this method of heating also assures you of a reliable domestic hot water supply. The three natural elements mentioned above contain supplies of energy that are always available. Heat pumps are part of the energy transition.

These heat pumps can be installed indoors.


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190 Liter, 260 Liter, 120 Liter


5-year full parts & labour warranty on excl. consumables, safety valves, gaskets etc; Warranty only valid if maintenance is carried out every 2 years by an Airwell technician.

TFHW Eleo HP 50.


TFHW Eleo HP 50.