Sodax Water Dispenser

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SODAX design, develop and manufacture high quality sophisticated POU dispensers for home and office markets. All Sodax machines are modern using the latest technology and highest quality components.

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3 in 1 filtration system: Sediment filter – remove all larger particles; High activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation of select coconut shell charcoal;

Modern & friendly touch-screen system;

Connection to water supply OR water reservoir;

Uniquely designed flat filtration system;

11 watts ultra-violet lamp (UV) for bacteria-free purified water;

Due date time messages for replacing the filter & UV lamp;

Quick and easy change of CO2 bottle, filter & UV lamp;

Multi languages options;

Pre-set options of cups sizes & temperatures for different users;

Easy programmable child safety option;

Energy Saving and night Sleep Mode options with automatic Wake-up;

Selectable and adjustable Soda strength for your preference;

Automatic internal cleaning, flushing and descaling system

Certified product NSF / ANSI 42; 372, CSA 84831.1;Charcoal, Removes bad taste and odor, color, chlorine and chlorine compounds on average to 99% ‘;

Warm,hot,ambient, sparkling

Cups of cold water per hour: 40 cups of 200ml.Cups of hot water per hour: 40 cups 200ml

Modern and friendly touchscreen;Connection water supply and/or water tank;

UV- for bacteria-free purified water;

Five colours;

Uniquely designed three component filtration system;

Quick and easy change of CO2 bottle, filter and UV;

Optional language selection;

Individual adjustment of dosing and water temperature;

Protection against uncontrolled use by children;

Power Save Mode and Sleep Mode with automatic activation;

Setting carbonation water;

Automatic Cleaning System;

Dimensions: W 29.5cm / D 36 cm / H 39.5 cm;

Electrical and Power ratings

Electrical and Power ratings: 230 Vac
Mains Voltage: 50 Hz
Frequency: 100 Watt max
Cooling System power consumption: 1800 Watt max
Heating System power consumption: 8.0 Amps max

Cooling System Performances

Cold water reservoir volume: 700 ml
Soda Water reservoir volume : 1000 ml
Cold water output per hour: 40 glasses – 8 liters
Cooling Temperature Range: 5 – 16°C

Heating System Performances

Hot water reservoir volume: 1125 ml
Hot water output per hour: 80 glasses – 16 liters
Heating Temperature Range: 90 – 97°C

Filtration and Purification

Chlorine reduction: Over 75% (Class I)
Filtration levely: 85% 5°m
Filter service life: 2000 liters / 6 months
UV lamp power: 11watt
UV germicidal performance: class B

Water Supply

Water reservoir volume: 2400m
Reservoir pump pressure: 3.0 bar Max
Reservoir pump power supply: 24Vdc
Water system (inlet pressure range): 2.5 – 3.5 bar
Water inlet temperature range: 5 – 25 °c