Sonne Aktion Solar Water Heater

Sonne Aktion Solar water heaters are the only solar water heaters world wide who make use of a copper tank.

Copper does not rust and does not erode ensuring value for money. As a system it does not require maintenance. Copper and brass are the only raw materials that are used, so there is no phenomenon of electrolysis and is the only solar system without magnesium rod.


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200 Liter, 300 Liter


• Copper & Aluminum are the materials used, corrosion-resistant materials that last for many decades. No steel parts are corroded.

• Frame: aluminum profiles, lateness design with external corner aluminum links, that ensure the best possible implementation of the framework and the stability of the whole construction.

• Absorber of full plate selective surface 4 mm with a special titanium oxide coating made in Germany. The absorption surface of the solar radiation is in absolute application on the copper serpentine by welding in automatic LASER machines for direct transmission of the heat to the thermal fluid. This ensures a very high absorption coefficient α> 95% and a very low coefficient of reflection of <5%, which contributes to the maximum thermal efficiency of the collector.

• Back of the collector from aluminum foil that ensures complete sealing against the frame without rivets.

• Glass: security, tempered, low iron 3,2 mm.

• Thermal insulation from glasswool of density d = 30kg / m3 at the back of the collector (back).

• Specially designed oval rubber, adapted to exit holes of the collector, to avoid the distortion of copper pipes from the phenomenon of contraction – dilation

Sonne Aktion Atlas system Solar water heater specifications