V2C Trydan

A revolutionary design. Intelligence and the ultimate control at your fingertips.
With Trydan V2C, you will discover a new way of charging: the most innovative and smartest
known so far. An exclusive design with an avant-garde style bringing elegance and

General Specifications

e-Charger: Trydan
Color: Black
Material: Polycarbonate MVR
Weight: 7 kg
Charging Cable length: 5 m / 10 m
Charging Cable type: Flat / Spring
Operating temperature: from -25o to 50o
Storage temperature: from -40o to 70o
Display*1: 2,6”
RGB lighting depending on state of charge

Electrical Specifcations

Connector type: Type 2 / Socket
Voltage: 230V / 400V
Maximum power output: 7,4 – 22kW*1
Adjustable current: 6 – 32A (per phase)
Nominal frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Protection class: IP54 / IK10
Residual current detection: AC 30mA / DC 6mA*1

Functional Specifications

User platform: APP & V2C Cloud portal
Connectivity: WiFi / Bluetooth
Communication: OCPP / Rest API Cloud
Configuration with smart devices: Alexa, Google Home

Trydan Data Sheet


Data Sheet