Water Softener Green Tech

AQUA SOFT water softeners feature a computerised control unit which provides the user with all information on their programming, their status, the softened water consumption, the number of days since the last regeneration etc. They are equipped with automatic resin regeneration systems, in volume+time mode, and hardness mixer incorporated in the valve body.
The new and exclusive Plus Drip distribution system inside the tank makes use of 100% of the resin, ensuring significant brine savings and up to 30% more treated water when compared to the traditional systems currently on the market. The strong monosphere resin offers a huge increase in the capacity of treated water compared to conventional resins.


Technical Features

• Injection moulded
• 100% non-toxic, recyclable and food-sage material (PP), compliant with Italian ministerial decree 174/04
• Unique brine/pressure vessel separation chamber with seamless weld and 2” 1/2 inlet size
• Incredibly simple maintenance and cleaning without the need to disassemble the structure
• The removable upper section provides complete accessibility to the brine compartment without having to remove the valve
• Strong cation exchange monosphere resin with high exchange capacity included. Par value 7000/120
• Can house pressure vessels up to 10”x17”
• Flow rate: up to 2000 l/h
• Brine tank capacity: 36 l
• 1” electronic valve with integrated hardness mixer
• Up to 9 settable phases for regeneration cycle
• Upstream regeneration
• Power supply: 230 VAC 50Hz
• Operating pressure: 2 – 8 BAR (29 – 116 PSI)
• Operating temperature: 5° – 42°C (41F°–107F°)
• Ageing test: 100.000 cycles – 0-12 BAR
• Standard colours: white/grey cabinet, black tank
• Bulkhead and safety valve as standard

Aqua Water Softener Green Tech Mini


Aqua Water Softener Green Tech Maxi